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300torchChurch Planting is also a central element in the vision of HCI.  Our vision is to connect existing churches into a community committed to the commission of the Lord Jesus Christ and to plant new, vibrant, life-giving churches with a passion to reach their communities and the world. This is best accomplished through local churches with a vision for reaching their regions through church planting. By partnering together there is no limit to the possibilities. Our desire is for every HCI church to be a church planting church.

Church planting was the method employed by the church in the Book of Acts to fulfill Christ’s command to take His gospel to all the world.  They went everywhere, preaching and planting churches.  Church planting is still the most effective method of evangelism available to the church.  With America in a post-Christian era and most churches in America either having plateaued or in decline (according to Barna and Gallup polls), and with non Christian faiths experiencing tremendous growth (according to the Mosque Study Project and American Religious Identification), America, along with every other country in the world, is in need of evangelism and church planting.

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