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HCI World Missions exists to help HCI churches and ministries fulfill their God-given mandate of reaching the nations for Christ.

300missionsWe accomplish this through these four objectives:

  • ENVISIONING:  Help pastors bring a vision for the harvest to their congregations.
  • EQUIPPING:  Provide churches with the necessary resources and tools that equip them for coordinated missions outreach.
  • MOBILIZING:  Assist churches in mobilizing people into global missions involvement.
  • PARTNERING: We encourage every member to partner with proven missions organizations in order to connect to the harvest more effectively

Our Philosophy:

  • We recognize that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church, and gave the Great Commission as a mandate to the Church to be fulfilled before His return.  Harvest Churches International accepts the responsibility of this mandate, and we shall do all within our power to spread the Gospel throughout the world.
  • We are committed to reaping a global harvest in our generation through partnering with established mission ministries as well as raising up and sending forth our own missionaries.
  • The pattern established by the Apostle Paul will be followed as much as possible by seeking out unreached regions in need of the Gospel and the establishment of apostolic indigenous churches.
  • Wherever missions works already exist we shall endeavor to work cooperatively for the sake of the harvest.
  • Every HCI church shall be actively involved in world missions.



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