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Jerry and Roxanne are international missionaries and their ministry is worldwide. Jerry is well-known for his zeal for missions and ability to zealously articulate missions vision with clarity. He interfaces with leaders around the world to help create national missions movements and strengthen national churches and church leaders.

Jerry was ordained in 1982 and served as an Associate Pastor in a church in Missouri for three years before becoming a full-time missionary to Ecuador, South America.  Twenty-five years later, he is the President of GO TO NATIONS (GTN) impacting 79 nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  A new church is being planted somewhere in the world every three days through GTN's 50+ Bible schools that have been established on five continents.

Between Jerry’s passionate ministry of the Word of God, and Roxanne’s organizational abilities, they make a powerful couple for the Lord and a strong witness to others of the Lord’s incredible love and faithfulness.

2011 proved to be an incrediby fruitful year with the number of lifetime documented salvations for Go To Nations topping the 1.4 million mark.  The nunber of new church plants has now climbed to 4,154 with an average of two churches being planted per week.

As we enter into 2012, we must stay focused and give our best effort to reach out to what the Bible calls the "uttermost".  This is the far reaches of the earth, where there is little or no Gospel witness.  Over the last decade, Go To Nations has seen the Gospel penetrate more unreached people groups than any other time in our 30-year history.  And even though Christianity is spreading around the world at a rapid rate, over 40,000 people die every day without ever hearing the Gospel one time.  This is not right, and this is something that, as God's people, we cannot ignore.

Many countries of the world will not allow an American missionarytT take up residence or even come and minister the Gospel message among their people.  This is why Go To Nations invests tremendous effort to raise up missionaries among different nationalities who are allowed into these closed areas.

Today as you read this letter, dedicated men and women that God has raised up (many from GTN's Bible Schools) are risking everything to preach the Gospel in closed areas.

These areas include Hindu nations, Muslim nations, tribal nations, Buddhist nations, and others.  Some of them have been arrested and put in prison.  Others have been beaten for their Christian witness.  But despite the devil's greatest effort, the Gospel is taking hold and people are coming to Christ. 

Roxanne and I want to thank you for standing with us.  What a blessing to be connected to people who are committed to world missions.  It is because of people like you that the lost are not forgotten.

Our prayer for this year is that we put forth our best effort, so that with God's help, we can reach as many as we can while there is still time.

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