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150priceSeale and Marcia Price were called by God to minister to the diverse people groups in the small towns and villages of Venezuela, but they did not fit the requirements of any denominational mission groups to support their call (too old).  In 1997, while they were both in their 50’s, they founded a non-profit organization, Harvest Ministries International, to serve His call to Venezuela.  They established a headquarters in Venezuela in 1998, where they sent ministers to different areas in the barrios, farms, and mountains on a weekly basis, sharing the Gospel with the people in each of those areas.

In January 2000, they moved to Venezuela to start a Bible School in Villa del Rosario. Once the Bible School was established and the nationals began graduating, they expanded the ministry.  In 2005, they started their first Bible School in Colombia.  The graduates of the Bible Schools in Venezuela did most of the teaching in Colombia until the Columbian nationals completed their training, and additional teachers were raised up in that nation.

Seale and Marcia, along with their ministry staff, minister weekly in the mountains in Indian Villages, where they have established adult and children’s churches.  They also travel weekly to rural churches they have established on diary farms, and have started children’s cell groups in areas where there are no churches.  In addition, they have adult cell groups, an outreach program to help with food, clothing and  medicine, and mid-town crusades to reach the homeless, prostitutes, and those addicted to drugs and alcohol.  They started a weekly radio program, Cambio de Vida”, which is accessible live via the internet ( ) at 5:30 PM cst each Saturday.

They are church planters and train nationals to lead and do the work of the ministry.  2012 has a waiting list for Pastors that are requesting schools in their churches or in their towns.  Their goal is to start three schools in February and others later in the year, one of which will be a second level school to produce another group of teachers.
HCI has finally realized a dream of three years, an office building.  This is truly a gift of God since it is very difficult to find rental property there.
Marcia has undergone knee surgery and has recuperated wonderfully, enabling the Prices to return to Venezuela, something they have been looking forward to for months.
The Price's are expecting increase this year:  souls added to the kingdom and national leaders being trained to reach the harvest and make disciples.  They are grateful for everyone who prays for them, gives financially or supplies resources for the ministry.  Your partnership makes it possible to take the love of Jesus into areas where others do not go. 

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